Lucy B. offers live painting services for weddings, celebrations and cultural events from the Las Vegas area and around the United States.
Fine Artist Lucy Brownlee will bring her over 30 years of experience and talent to your wedding or celebration. Your guests will rave about the experience of watching a professional like Lucy create a nearly complete painting in just a few hours. A unique event idea. The best part is getting a finished piece of original art, full of memories of your special day, to keep for a lifetime. Live wedding painters add to the live entertainment of your event and creating fine art is always inspirational! 
Lucy is proud to stand apart from others with her attention to details, adding the small touches that make the quality and content of her work so appealing. She paints quickly in acrylic, creating an impressionist view of the scenery and architecture. Later she will work in her studio to resolve the many photos she has taken during the event into the final product. Her paintings are imaginative and stylized in the tradition of many great American scenic painters. Customers can have their painting reproduced into many items for personal use, like thank you cards and gift items or framed copies.

Fine Art by

Lucy Brownlee

An American Scenic Painter

I grew up in California in the 70’s, before the big boom of construction. We still had acres of strawberry fields and orange groves around our homes. Muscle cars were new on the car lots. Mix that with my childhood memories of my dad and brothers working in his shop, repairing and painting everything on wheels. We still had dirt roads, phone booths, and service stations. I want to capture that time in my painting, a time when industry was just meeting up to the edges of agriculture and the urbane. I enjoy surreal color and fantastic huge skies, storms and deep shadows. I’m inspired by such great painters as Thomas Hart Benton, Edmund Brucker, and Edward Hopper.

A Multi Surface Artist

3D Paintings

Prints to Frame

Canvas and Metal